10 Vital Phases of an Absolute Test Preparation Plan

Test Preparation Plan

Studying for a test is a roller coaster of efforts and emotions, if you spend little time you will feel guilty, if you spend too much time you will hate it, but without this dedicated process the exams are almost impossible to pass for most of the students.

Let us now get to know the easiest and the simplest 10 phases that are vitally important for your exam preparation. All those who have ever studied with greater focus and wise approaches will indeed recognize the following phases as vitally important!

Test Preparation Plan

  1. I Have a Lot of Time

It has been widely observed that the management clearly announces about the upcoming exams and prioritize it by informing the students that exams are around the corner, but most of the students convince themselves that they have a lot of time to cover their exam preparation which is the biggest mistake. Always try to make the most out of the available time in anticipation.

  1. I Assume That I Will Have To Begin

It’s time to start, your teachers have delivered you everything that they can, just like your parents, and now, even a friend who never focuses on studies has also started preparing, but you do not need to go crazy at this moment, right?

That’s the second biggest mistake you will make. Never overlook the importance of scheduling your daily routine with a considerable amount of time allocation for your studies on a daily basis.

  1. I’m Only Going To See An Episode In Netflix

No one who has ever uttered these words has seen only one episode. Soon, one or two of the planned days to study become one or two days watching your favorite series. You may not have analyzed Shakespeare’s sonnets, but at least you know how Breaking Bad or House of Cards ends. That’s another mistake that many students are common to make during their exams.

  1. There Is Good Climate To Study

It always happens, as soon as you start studying and the sun just rises. You may think about preparing for the outdoor exam, but soon you will find yourself sunbathing, swimming or looking for an ice cream shop. Once you return home, you will find new and innovative ideas to improve your habits of leaving things for later.

  1. Why Do I Need A Dedicated Study Schedule?

It really looks like one of the best ideas at the given moment of examinations, but now, after you’ve organized and checked the schedule, you will actually realize how close the exams are and how much you have to study more.

  1. Wait, How Much Have You Studied?

You still have a relative calm, you have studied something, not as much as you would have liked, but you are moving slowly. Then, you ask a friend that fateful question: “How much did you study?” As you recite the long list of topics you have reviewed, the color of your face disappears and you panic.

  1. I Will Reprove

Things have become serious, there are papers everywhere, a lot of open books, and you only speak of mathematical equations or grammar in English. You are becoming a study machine, recovering lost time, marking with colors without stopping is indeed the best that you can do but try to avoid such circumstances.

  1. Taking Things For Granted

You feel that you have studied just enough to pass the exams and convince the teachers that you know what you are talking about. You are still digesting how much you have left to study and you know that things are going to get worse instead of better.

  1. Can I Recover My Life, Please?

The end approaches and you are (finally) reaching the finish line. Your world is a mix of energy drinks and hands stained with ink. You just concentrate on the exams, the panic phase of dunking your elbows is over, now you have the desired control, although it does not look like it. You have put your best by following the various vital elements and you can now expect something good when it comes to the results. You must be doing it right!

  1. Freedom

There is no better feeling than leaving the last exam! No more getting up at odd hours, you are free and you are sure that you have given everything (at the end). However, now that you’re finished, I’m sure the time is horrible again and you’ve seen it all on Netflix. I am sure that many students will set their goal to follow these important elements in their upcoming exams but they need to remember that it will take considerable efforts and dedication in order to achieve their goal.

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