Enrol Yourself in Aged Care Cert 3 Adelaide Program

Aged Care

The Aged Care Course has an integrated approach. All students who are actively seeking employment on successful completion of the course can again get a chance to employment in the industry. This course provides a proper pathway to other community services qualifications, diploma of nursing etc.

In Australia, Aged care services are one of the largest and fastest growing industries. There is a continuous need for support and care to the elderly. Aged Care Cert 3 Adelaide can help you obtain the degree necessary to become a part of the solution for this growing need.

Aged Care

Why should you enrol in aged care?
No matter what kind of specialty you choose as a professional, you are going to be dealing with primarily elderly patients. So having aged care learned skills you would achieve better position when applying for a job in that kind of working environment.

On an average, aged care workers are able to make approximately $19 AUD per hour, along with many opportunities to receive overtime. Average annual salary is in the range of $35,000 and $50,000 AUD. This salary is substantially more than what several other health professionals may earn.

The Australian Government’s Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has shown a lot of interest in the training of aged care workers and have developed a list of areas that they believe are very important for a student to study successfully so as toobtain the Certificate III or IV in Aged Care.

You can enrol yourself in aged care course in the following programs:
•  Mental health care program
•  Allied health care program
•  Palliative care
•  Dementia training
•  Wound management
•  Management and leadership training

The following online courses will cover a practical work placement to give you an experience in an operating aged care facility.

By this experience, you will get fully job ready and be able to step directly into a role.
•  Certificate III in Aged Care
•  Certificate IV in Home and Community Care
•  Certificate IV in Aged Care
•  Certificate IV in Disability

Along with these certifications, you will also attain a selection of learning materials, including access to a simulated aged care facility, and you can connect with other like-minded people and form lasting friendships and networks. This hands-on experience will play a vital role in building your skills as an aged care worker in Australia.

Tuition fees and other expenses for studying in aged care?

The cost of receiving your Aged Care Cert 3 Adelaide is approximately 2,500 AUD. Although a Certificate III is not a pre-requisite, successfully completing some of the classes needed to obtain one may be. Other expenses will include any required textbooks and workbooks for the course and application fees.

Many institutes provide this course as flexible learning where course materials are either emailed or mailed to students and students are expected to come to training rooms for a few times for practical demonstrations and practice prior to placement.

We can also make a flexible timetable to suit the student and the workplace.

Application Process:
You have to complete your online student enrollment application on our website http://www.agedcarecoursesinadelaide.com.au/.

After that one of our team members will send you a proper enrollment form for you to complete and submit through email. Once we receive an application, we will contact you as soon as possible. After that, you need to organize the required supporting documentation and payment to ensure your place in the course.