How to Bloom Your Career in Financial Market

How to bloom your career in Financial Market

The wide array of career options that the financial markets of India provide has attracted job seekers for many years now. There are several lakhs of professionals working on it at present, either as independent investors/traders or as employees of financial services companies. With the stock markett growing steadily over the past few years and with many new investors entering the market, the job opportunities in the financial markets are growing very rapidly.

If you are looking for a rewarding career for yourself, the stock markets can give you some of the best careers in finance that you can get. However, since the stock market and the financial services industry, in general, are very dynamic, everyone needs to be very proactive when it comes to building successful careers in finance. Carefully put a step forward at a time and you will get a highly rewarding, satisfying and challenging career for yourself.

How to bloom your career in Financial Market

How to start a career in the stock market?
So what exactly does it require to bloom your career in the financial markets? Let us understand the choices you have and the certifications and training that you will require.

Decide what you want to do: As I mentioned earlier, you have to first decide whether to have a career as an independent investor/ trader or want to get employed with one of the financial companies dealing with the stock market and market-linked products. Some of the companies where you can find employment are the stockbroking companies, mutual funds, stock exchanges, investment services division of banks, investment bankers, etc. Choosing the right type of company is important as otherwise you will be stuck in job roles that you will not like.

Becoming a professional investor/trader is also a lucrative career opportunity that many art using nowadays. However, this will definitely require special training and a large sum of money (capital) that you will have to invest to earn a steady and a sizeable income.

Get the right certifications: Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the regulator of the capital markets of India has mandated that anyone wanting to build a career in stock market needs to get certified by the National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM). So you will have to get the certification in the relevant modules if you want to work in the stock market in India. Apart from that, there are NCFM certifications offered by NSE academy which are also going to help you to get interview calls and clear it.

Get trained: If you feel that the stock markets are fast and learning it is not easy, then you are correct. In order to know the stock market in depth, you will have to go for a proper training and get the proper theoretical and practical knowledge. You can either choose a classroom program or an online program for this.

However, while choosing the course it is important that you look at the credentials of the education provider. Choose one which has the experience of training many students over the years and whose certificate is valued by the prospective employers. I would highly recommend you to go for institutes which offer which joint certification in association with industry stalwarts like NSE, NCDEX, MCX or NISM.

Also, choose a course which gives you the opportunity to get your doubts resolved as soon as possible either face-to-face or through a live doubt clearing session or email.

Practically apply what you have learned: To get the right practical knowledge and experience, you will need to practically apply the theoretical concepts that you have learnt. Getting theoretical knowledge is not going to give you the confidence to invest in the markets on your own. So either choose a course which offers you the opportunity to get live market training, or do an internship with a strong mentor. This experience will give you the practical insights and the confidence that you will definitely require if you want to have a successful career in the stock market.

Other Requirements for being Successful:
Apart from these, there are several psychological traits that you will have to master.

Genuine interest: I have seen many people choose to have a career in the stock market without having any interest in the markets whatsoever. While they show a lot of passion at the initial stages, they soon lose interest and start getting bored.

Ability to withstand pressure: No career these days comes without work pressure, and those in the stock markets are no exception. When the markets become exceptionally volatile, the work pressures of those who are associated with it go up significantly. You should be ready to handle the extra psychological and work pressure at that time.

Honesty and integrity: Since you will be dealing with the investor’s money as well as several confidential information, you will need to maintain your integrity at all times, to avoid getting into the wrong side of the law.

Having the right training, certification and attitude will ensure that you will have one of the best careers in finance and enjoy a successful and fulfilling long-term career.

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