Play Schools –When, Which and How

Education kids concept

Playschools are specialised schools which are for kids of 18 to 36 months. These small kids spend couple of hours away from their parents under the supervision of well trained teachers. Kids learn through fun & play activities. The main focus is generally on developing motor skill, intellectual and social development. The learning process is stress free. Toddlers learn to interact with peer group, teachers and learn to share things. Play schools in Nagpur offers best infrastructure for your toddler.

Education kids concept

When Is The Right Time To Start Schooling?
There cannot be a particular age when you can start the schooling of the kid. All these days ‘apple of your eye’ has been centre of attraction for you. But you have to decide on the time when he can take a big step in his life. Going to playschool is definitely a milestone for the little one. Your child is school ready when:

  • He/ she can communicate verbally with teachers and his friends.
  • Is able to do things like climbing stairs on his own.
  • When he can concentrate on one thing or is ready to listen rhymes.
  • He is capable of adjusting in new environment.
  • To some extent he should be toilet trained
  • Sending a child to playschool without ensuring his readiness can lead to some psychological problems. Check all these points before enrolling your kid for playgroup.

Which Playschool to Choose?

Choosing a playschool is not a child’s play. This decision needs some diligence in selecting the best playschool for the cuddly little one. Both parent and kids are anxious being away from each other. Ensure the following things are there in the playschool you choose:

  • School is in good shape with regards to walls, stairs, floors & roofs.
  • There are proper door guards and finger guards
  • Furniture in the classroom is of child friendly material
  • There is spacious area for physical activities
  • Curriculum should develop creative thinking and problem solving skills in the child.
  • School should have enough supply of materials like colours, music, science and reading.
  • The school must have a healthy teacher student ratio. In India the ideal ratio for smaller classes is 1:13.
  • Teachers must be trained in early education
  • Make sure that the playschool is not far from your place.

As the child grows parents have less control on the education environment. So wisely choose the playschool for your child.

HOW to Prepare the Child for Playschool

Mentally preparing child for schoolis the greatest challenge.

  • Include the little one from the start. Take him or her along with you whenever you visit visit play school in the room and also ask him or her exactly what he considers of specificfeatures for instance the recreation space, the classrooms, and teachers and so on.
  • Introduce him or her to a few other kids of the exact same age long before school commences.
  • Purchase a handful outfits and also items specifically for school.
  • Visit the school together to orient your little one.
  • Speak him or her through the very first day several times. This will help to quieten his anxieties, since he may be familiar with upfront that you will opt to leave him or her there but will pick him up afterwards.
  • Allow him to communicate with school going small children as well as read certain stories regarding going to school.
  • Initiate a few ‘school type’ fun-based activities in your own home for instance storytelling, snack and also relaxation period.

On the very first day of school, Ensure the little one is very well rested. Rises early enough to prepare smoothly. Eats a great morning meal. Always keep farewells short. Preferably, say good bye at the doorway and then send your kid with another elderly person.